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Fresh Ideas for Your Brand’s Social Media Feed

Marketers are responsible for managing several social profiles and keeping them up to date with new material. It’s a challenge. Your audience is hungry for new information, and you’re supposed to provide it on a regular basis.

That is why businesses should have a variety of social media ideas on hand. Below are some social media ideas for both big and small businesses. Each of these types of posts is fair game for anyone attempting to keep their social feeds from growing stale.

Make a series of daily, weekly, or monthly posts

Initiate a series in which you can communicate with your fans and followers on a regular basis. By continuously providing relevant content, you can develop a habit among your audience to anticipate seeing certain material from your organization.

Brand's Social Media Feed

Organize a competition or a giveaway

The power of “free” is irresistible to people. One of the most efficient social media methods for promoting potential follower involvement is to run a contest every now and then. A contest is mentioned in 91% of Instagram posts with over 1,000 likes or comments. Accounts that run contests on a regular basis, on the other hand, are said to expand 70% quicker than those that don’t.

Organize a social media takeover

Takeovers give someone else control of your social media accounts for a period of time, usually 24 hours. Giving your social media account to an influencer or celebrity with a large, engaged audience is a great approach to expose your brand in front of new people while you’re running out of social media post ideas, infusing a new voice into your account can help. You can even delegate your account to someone else in your workplace to spice up your feed. Consider potential takeover prospects, such as business partners and industry contacts. Because the goal of a takeover is to gain visibility, pick someone whose audience demographic is similar to yours.

Share, retweet, and program

Keep in mind that not all of the stuff on your social media feed has to be created by you. In fact, common sense tells us that it shouldn’t be. Showing that you’re more than just a voice for your business by promoting other relevant items, articles, and images from your followers is a terrific approach to demonstrate that you’re more than just a voice for your industry.

Make video segments that are bite-sized

When you consider that video content receives far more shares than video or text, organizations should seriously consider including video into their social media strategies. For reference check

Why not try some of these social media ideas if you’re wary of sharing the same old content? Brands should never feel compelled to provide a specific style of content. Your social feed should never feel like business as usual, especially with so many options available.

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