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The best guide in wine tasting that you must have

The best guide in wine tasting that you must have

For other people, wine tasting is their best pastime as you will use all your senses. You don’t have to make things complicated because you can enjoy the wine tasting whether you’re not an expert. Before you can attend the biggest wine festival in Australia you have to learn the essential steps and lingo of wine tasting. You can experience and have fun while you know about wine.


Wine tasting should be your best moment as you focus all your senses on it. You have to look at your wine glass and examine the glass. Whether you’re just looking, you will gain so much. You need to look for three simple things which are the legs, color, and transparency.

You will easily identify the age of the wine by just looking at the color and transparency of the wine. But it will depend on what wine you’re looking for. For white wines, while they are aging they have to look more yellow and enhance their pigment. Red wines as they are aging they are losing their color and they will become brown or brickish color.

The density will give you a possible idea of how much alcohol content it has.


For you to smell the wine you have to tilt your glass and bring it closer to your nose. You have to identify whether it has floral hints, citrus, or mushroom smell. With the help of smell, you will know how it is made, what kind of grape and oak treatment it has. You might be confused about all of these but there is nothing wrong with it.

Australian wines

To help you understand it better you have to know the three groups which are the main, second, and third aromas. The main aroma is to know what kind of grape and where it is from. You will identify the herbal, fruit herbal, or floral scents. The second is the fermentation process.

When you smell a bread-like aroma it is using yeast in the process. The third and last aroma is the aging process. In this process, there is an oak treatment included but it will depend on which it has been used. There is vanilla from the French oak or cocoa from the Hungarian oak.


To determine the wine you have to taste it first. Know the characteristics which are the body, sweetness, acidity, and tannins. While you’re sipping you have to swish it around your mouth to cover all the parts of your tongue. This is the necessary part to identify the different flavors. The tip of your tongue will identify the sweetness.

And once the wine is dry there will be no sugar and you don’t want to taste sweetness in this wine. The sides will identify the acidity and it will make your tongue a mouth-watering feeling. The acidity level of the wine will give you a clue what kind of grape, climate, and age.

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