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Your Tarot Reading: Which Cards Speak The Loudest To You?

Your Tarot Reading: Which Cards Speak The Loudest To You?

Each individual has their own unique way of interpreting the Tarot. Whether that is through symbolism, what archetypes they identify with or any other interesting factor is up to them. The purpose of this article will be to describe different “voices” in the Best tarot card reading online and where you can find them. We’ll also look at some of the specific cards which may have meaning for you and provide knowledge on what that card means.

The Dominant Voice

The first voice is the dominant voice. This card will generally be apparent to you in your initial reading because it will feel like it stands out. As well as being interesting, this card may have a lot of detail, a lot of things happening in it and will be generally hard to ignore. This card is what you can consider your “ruler” in this spread, so if you find yourself looking at one particular spot on your spread over and over again while shuffling, then that may be your ruling card.

This dominant card is often a picture of yourself in some form or another.

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The Introspection Voice

The second voice is the introspection voice. In other words, this card will be telling you something about yourself. Think of the dominant card as your inner voice and the introspection card being your external voice. The introspection card might literally be talking to you, or it might just be some light self-talk as we go through our day, or it could be a harsh voice which lets you know that you need to change your behaviour (but in a good way). This introspection voice comes from your subconscious mind and is a way that you can communicate with yourself without having to fully process what was just said and instead let it come through into the conscious mind.

The External Voice

The third voice is the external voice. This card will have a strong message for you, but it also may not be in your native language. The external voice of the Tarot may speak in metaphors and imagery which you are going to have to translate in order to understand it. Take caution when dealing with this card because it is trying to tell you something, so make sure that when you are going over your spread that you take time to think of what this card could be telling you. If everything else makes sense except for the one card then maybe it is the one that needs some clarity.

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