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What is the purpose of a commercial litigation firm in Singapore What is it useful for

What is the purpose of a commercial litigation firm in Singapore? What is it useful for?

The setting up of the Singapore International Commercial Court and the enactment of the Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements 2005 into Singapore law. The growth of these two institutions is part of Singapore’s strategy to promote itself as an international dispute resolution hub and is underscored by giving an enhanced role to party autonomy.

What is the purpose of a commercial litigation firm?

The purpose of a commercial litigation Singapore comes in handy when a legal dispute between two or more parties involving businesses or companies where one party seeks redress against another party. Doing business in any field can be increasingly complex and volatile in today’s competitive environment. Over the route of running a business, you will inevitably face a broad spectrum of business-related disputes and disagreements such as partnership/ shareholders’, finance-related, contractual, etc.

When a disagreement happens, one may not know the stakes involved, such as reputation and financial risks, without an experienced attorney. Your business can be vulnerable to potential legal issues and may be forced to make critical decisions that may put your company in a disadvantaged position.

commercial litigation singapore

What to do when a dispute breaks out between two businesses?

Experienced and well-known commercial lawsuit lawyers know how to handle these disputes effectively from the inception and will bring the disputes to a close cost-effectively and efficiently.

For what cases should one ask for the help of a commercial litigation lawyer?

The following might help you understand when should a person approach a commercial litigation singapore:-

  • They are known to guide a person on issues based on contractual disputes in a wide range of areas; between a customer, supplier, agent, distributor, contractor, sub-contractor, lender, investor, mortgagee, shareholder, joint venture partner, partner, buyer, seller, guarantor, employee, licensee, licensor, developer, landlord, tenant, sub-tenant, project manager and many more.
  • They use a wide range of methods to attain early settlement where possible, including setting up informal meetings with opponents or representing clients at mediation. If an easy resolution cannot be achieved, we engage in and manage litigation skillfully and professionally to ensure a favorable outcome at trial.
  • A commercial litigation legal practitioner is very experienced in representing individuals and businesses in high-value disputes involving financial services and products. Banking or monetary disputes are technical and complex, potentially involving several jurisdictions, and could have far-reaching consequences on one’s reputation and regulatory obligations. Therefore, one can say that it’s overwhelming for an individual or an organization to manage any such disputes against banks or other investment bodies.
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