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tonic drinks

What are the other tonic drinks that you can have?

The premium tonic water is a short drink to add gin and tonic formula. You can make a tonic shot liquor with tonic water and citrus. You may find it boring, but these drinks are ideal when you like light, flavor, and energizing, perfect for your taste. Tonic is known to be a medicinal tonic.

Quinine is the main ingredient that gives a bitter taste and is dry. It is also known to be used to stop malaria disease. Before, it was hard to drink medicine because of its flavor. And realize it uses tonic water to make it easier to drink the mixture. Now, tonic water treats your diseases and is also used as a drink mixer.

The signature flavor profile makes the tonic water a good pair for different drinks. It is carbonated but not too sweet, and its flavor is transparent. It can boost the spirit’s natural taste. However, vodka and gin are the standard options people choose, and tonic works well with tequila, amaros, and whiskey.

There are different herbs, spices, fruits, and herbs that you can have in the mixed drinks. You can even use it for cocktail drinks. These are the drinks that complement tonic water.

Gin and tonic

It is a type of drink where you cannot underestimate its taste. It is an essential drink, but it has different ingredients with fresh lime juice. Most people love to drink it because it is a known summertime drink. You can consider how tonic works with today’s selection. It will increase the use of botanicals in every style and brand so you can try to drink a whole new level of experience.

premium tonic water

Vodka tonic

Most people like to drink vodka than gin because the tonic is paired during dinner, sunny days, and happy hour. The drink is more on natural flavors that show how good it is to use tonic water. Different tonics are made today, and every sip will give you a new taste. When you like to boost the flavor of your drink, you can add berry or citrus vodkas.

Whiskey tonic

You can have a whiskey tonic when you like to have a dark drink. The ingredients have an Irish whiskey, and it changes to lemon garnish as it is tastier to use compared to lime. When you like to discover more about the other style, you have to stick with blended whiskeys or pour less. When changing it to aged rums, tequilas, or cognac, it is a good mix.

Strawberry gin and tonic

It is the best summer tonic drink that you can have. The recipe has homemade strawberry syrup, which can preserve the sweetness of the fruit. You can also add orange bitters to boost the flavor, and it is an essential addition that is ideal for a tonic drink.

Cherry gin and tonic

It is an ideal alternative that depends on the natural sweetness of the fruit to make the drink balanced. The use of sweet cherries is good for the cherry gin and tonic to neutralize the dry bitterness. It is tasty when you use other spirits and vodka, and it also works with other fruits.

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