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Understand the bizsafe level 1 course

Understand the bizsafe level 1 course

Bizsafe is a 5-step service that helps small and medium-sized businesses enhance their wsh capacities and produce significant gains in occupational safety.

To begin the bizsafe adventure, the company’s upper executives must register for just a bizsafe level 1 course session for ceos/top administration, which is provided by bizsafe services.

The firm would be given bizsafe tier 1 designation after applying online to the wsh board regarding the conclusion of the course.

1st level

bizsafe level 1 course

To begin the trip, senior leadership must complete a 3-hour ceo/top training. This program is also available as an e-learning option. Senior leadership would obtain an” attendance certificate” after completing this course.

Course purpose

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the wsh law and its related laws, such as the occupational health (strategic planning) guidelines and the site safety risk mitigation standards of conduct (rmcp)
  • The bizsafe idea is introduced.
  • Enable upper leadership to comprehend their responsibility in fostering a positive occupational safety environment.
  • Assist participants in developing their wsh policy.

Course description

  • Wsh act introduction and statutory law
  • Bizsafe idea is indeed an explanation for the risk assessment idea.
  • How to build a positive health atmosphere in the organization?
  • Company’s economic management; combining revenue and security.
  • Team discussion/ personal task
  • The firm’s wsh strategy has received official approval.

How to be qualified

The firm’s senior executives should enter either of the required scenarios to acquire a diploma:

  • A ½ session
  • An e-learning program


  • Make the workplace a secure and healthy place for everyone.
  • Increase your brand’s reputation
  • Increased image of the organization and marketing
  • Enhance the reputation of customers and business by having your company name included on the wsh official site.
  • Wsh (management framework) rules compliant

Bizsafe certification criteria:

The bizsafe tier 1 document issued to the organization is effective for 180 days from the date of acceptance.

If the firm’s top executive moves or quits, the recently hired upper executives should take the training or conference as quickly as feasible to keep the bizsafe designation.

When the firm’s bizsafe tier 1 designation has expired, you will not be able to reclaim it.

Reason why would you go?

  • This bizsafe level 1 course might be useful for a variety of jobs, not all of which are restricted to:
  • Entrepreneurs and upper executives
  • Directors
  • Controlling managers and ceos
  • Managers in charge
  • Owners, other investors, and anybody interested in improving the group’s wsh norms.


The ceo / strategic leader must enroll in the bizsafe services course before you can begin your bizsafe adventure. The goal of this course is to learn about the top company’s powers and tasks in adopting construction site safety. Its bizsafe idea, including the wsh legislation, would be explained to the attendees.

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