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Things To Look For When Buying Educational Toys For 1-Year-Old

Things To Look For When Buying Educational Toys For 1-Year-Old

It’s important to get toys for children that are right for their age. And for 1 year olds, you may not know what to get them. It is very important that early on, you already consider educational toys. For kids who have turned 1, the toys that are most appropriate for their age is a must. It also should be fun and developmentally appropriate. Consider the following factors when choosing educational toys for a  1 year old.

Age Appropriate Toys

These days, it’s no longer that difficult to find toys appropriate for the baby’s age. Even if you buy toys online, it’s not that  complicated anymore. But before you buy a toy, you should always check the recommended age range on the description. It is exciting to let your baby explore and introduce something new to them, but before you do, it’s important to find a toy that they can fully understand, enjoy, and take part in.

Safe For Babies

At this age, the baby starts  to get curious with what they can grasp in their tiny hands. And when they get a hold of it, the tendency is to immediately put that in their mouth. So choose toys that are safe and non-toxic. It should not be a health hazard so choose toys that have rounded edges and don’t have any small parts that could break off and cause a choking hazard. This is the phase where they love to grab, chew, and throw things.

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Educational Value

Playing with the right toys can help your child improve their motor skills, develop the senses, and boost their problem solving skills. The best toys for babies will not only teach them about colors and numbers, but also about different sounds and textures. Remember that when choosing toys for one year olds, the educational value is very important to consider first.

Easy to Use, Clean, and Keep

Choosing a toy for your baby should not be a complicated process. For a one year old, what you should focus on are toys that are light enough for your infant to lift and carry. It should have large and simple controls so that they can enjoy it even when they are playing on their own. The educational toys must be easy to clean and keep too when your child isn’t using them.

Children transition from newborns to toddlers. This is the phase when they are the most curious of everything they can touch, feel, and taste. But even during infancy, a child’s ability to understand and use language changes in major ways. At around 1 ½ year old, most babies start to say their first words. They can understand both what people say and what they do. This is the time that they start learning from their surroundings.

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