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Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

Sour Diesel CBD: Get Yours Today

A lot of news comes out of the cannabis scene every day. That is to be expected with a market that has only recently begun to recover from the prohibition era. For those devoted few who are still paying attention, there should be at least one name you recognize – Project CBD.

How does Sour Diesel CBD make you feel? Project CBD provides high-quality information for medical marijuana patients looking for relief and direction on using their medicine most effectively. They also provide research and news updates to everyone else in the community via an informative blog and newsletters.

They also occasionally highlight specific plant strains in an effort to introduce new cultivars for medicinal use, educate patients on proper use and dosage, and make note of unique effects different varieties can produce (for instance: potential side effects or promising research).

Sour Diesel CBD Hemp Flower

Recently, Project CBD highlighted an interesting strain of cannabis – Sour Diesel.

There is a good reason it has generated such interest, and that is because there are some new developments on the cannabinoid front that show cannabinoids beyond THC and CBD might offer more benefits than previously thought.

Up until very recently, high concentrations of THC were believed to be the only medically relevant cannabinoid in marijuana and hemp plants (i.e., everything but cannabis ruderalis). With degrees of chemical variation sometimes reaching upwards of 40% THC content, this belief made sense logically and empirically. The same was observed with D9THC (a psychoactive breakdown product of THC), which exists in large quantities in many strains rated at 25% levels by lab tests, while its precursor, THC acid (THCA), was found in very low quantities even in freshly harvested plant material.

While research expands beyond the well-known cannabinoids, it is important to note that CBD and THC are known for their medical efficacy, so strains with higher than average concentrations of these two should still be considered when searching for relief from specific symptoms. That said, if cannabinoids other than CBD and THC could offer similar benefits without any psychotropic effects as reported recently by Project CBD, then sour diesel CBDmay have an edge on some other varieties – especially those not as high in psychoactive content as this one.

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