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Know about the tasks of interior designers

Know about the tasks of interior designers

Interior architects are the right partners for a variety of construction tasks and spatial design and provide professional, competent support in planning and design with regard to the best functionality, choice of materials and technical comfort – in existing as well as new buildings. Whatever the type of construction project – every planning is aimed at economical and ecological execution. Technical and constructive relationships are taken into account. Interior designers use artistic and aesthetic means to create an individual, unmistakable room environment. This includes the creative use of the design elements material, color and light. In addition to the general planning and monitoring activities, many interior designers therefore supplement their range of services with a wide range of services from related and related professions and industries. The interior design for hospitality are professionals

  • for the interior of existing or newly planned buildings
  • for structural changes to buildings in connection with the planning of interiors
  • for the inner function, construction, aesthetics and atmosphere of objects,
  • for the physical, psychological and social well-being of people.

They coordinate all the specialist disciplines involved in the construction project, such as statics, building technology, fire protection and building physics, as well as with their planning and design concept.

interior design for hospitality

Associated with it

  • advising and supporting the client in questions related to the planning and execution of the construction project,
  • the coordinating steering and management of the planning and execution as well as
  • the rationalization of planning and execution.
  • the creation of the building templates

The interior designer is the trustee for

  • controlled quality in and on the building,
  • technical and constructive perfection,
  • Freedom from damage,
  • Economics,
  • Cost and schedule security.
  • The planning activities of the interior designer are very varied and demanding.

Interior architects are qualified engineers, qualified designers, bachelor’s and master’s degrees with a degree from a university, with at least two years of professional experience and have completed the further training required by the regional chambers for registration. Like the architect planning the building, interior designers work according to the recognized rules of architecture and technology on the legal basis.

They deal with Exhibition structures, Support and care buildings and buildings for the health sector, Design, Leisure and recreation buildings, Commercial buildings, Hotel and catering buildings, Cultural buildings, Sacred buildings, Training and research buildings, Administrative buildings, Transport, Residential construction, Other services often expand and complement the interior designer’s planning activities:, Advisory activities Monument preservation, Specialist planning activities, Accessible planning, Facility management during the usage phase of a building, Communication activities.

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