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Interior Designing Basics You Must Know

Interior Designing Basics You Must Know

There are a few key principles that you can remember when designing a house, office and any other place. Learning is a continuous process. It is the primary key to achieve success in interior design like hdb renovation or other professions for that matter.


When it comes to interior designing the livability is of utmost importance, particularly if it is a house that you are designing. You have to make the space appear stunning and also make sure that it is functional. So when you are doing a house do not go overboard by imitating designs that you see at showrooms and online. a house should be more functional and practical and this should be of utmost priority.

Furniture Placement

Our natural instinct is to push any big furniture towards the wall. so that the space is freed for other things. However this can make the space look completely boring and flat. A great tip is to keep the furniture a little bit away from the wall so that it breathes and brings in a lot of freshness. It gives a lift to the decor of the house. This will definitely make your house or any other space stand out.

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This gives restfulness to a space. The way rhythm is utilised for the creation of excitement, harmony is used to give a feeling of rest. For example, when you see a space that has everything put together in one single colour, it creates an impression of harmony. also it gives your eyes some rest and peace when you see a single dominant colour like an off white or a white


The concept of emphasis is basically used to bring attention to one particular element in a given space. It not only helps in breaking the monotony but also staves off boredom. For example having a fireplace or a large furniture piece acts as an anchor to prevent the place from looking like it is scattered or in pieces.

These are some great tips that you can keep in mind when you are starting out as a designer or designing homes and offices or other spaces for that matter. just make sure you have your own style and you incorporate your style with the requirement and taste of the client. You will be amazed at how you would be doing wonders to the interior design of a space.

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