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How To Revise For Psle To Ace The Tests?

How To Revise For Psle To Ace The Tests?

The psle exams include tests in four subjects: Mathematics, Science, English, and the Mother Tongue. The students sitting for the exams need to sit for these exams at the end of Primary classes, and it is the first national exam students have to face. This examination needs to be taken seriously because the results determine the secondary school into which the student will enroll. This article provides more information on how to revise for psle.

Pointers on how to revise for the test

The following tips can be considered to get good scores. Since the children are still young, they might need help from parents while studying; the listed tips and key points may help your child while studying for the tests.

  1. Study Smarter, Not Harder: Parents need to encourage their children to develop a good learning strategy that keeps them motivated throughout the course and during the exams to score great marks.
  2. Set Clear Goals: The students need to understand the importance of their education and set clear goals for their future. They need to work hard to accomplish those goals as education is the most important thing in our lives. Only then can they realize the importance of revising for psle.

how to revise for psle

  1. Use Past Papers: This is the most effective habit while studying for any examination held at the national level. It provides different ideas on various grounds, such as the difficulty and pattern of the questions.
  2. Hire a Tutor: If, after telling repeatedly, your child can’t still understand the concepts and requires constant help, or you cannot be present for your child every day due to job or other reasons, then you should hire a tutor for them.
  3. Practice: The most famous quotation goes, “Practice makes a man perfect.” as is very true in our lives. So the child must focus on refining their skills by practicing the concepts learned so far in the course.


Most Singaporeans take the PSLE seriously because it plays a pivotal role in a child’s academic journey. A child needs to prepare well for PSLE to sit for the exams confidently and score.

When preparing a child for these exams, make quick assessments regarding their proficiency in each subject. This will help them read topics they don’t understand, which will make them score better grades without having the pressure to perform well.

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