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Cool gel memory foam mattress

Cool gel memory foam mattress online Singapore: Mattresses with memory effect

Mattresses with a memory effect appeared at the end of the last century, and latex is considered a novelty. Therefore, their fame grows exponentially. However, the crazy popularity and quality are different things. What’s better to choose?

Features of memory mattresses

They take the shape of a body in the shortest period and memorize it throughout load on them. This decreases the pressure on the spine and joints. This is due to the pores of the products and the smooth change. Manufacturers often note that safe and environmentally friendly material is used in production. As a rule, most companies approve it in practice.

How to choose a memory mattress?

They have become trendy in medical institutions, and this is not accidental. They are mainly suitable for those suffering from different forms of osteochondrosis. There are no contraindications, although some doctors do not recommend using them.

An essential role in choosing such a product is the density of the foam. High density ensures good quality and long service life. cool gel memory foam mattress online singapore manufacturers provide customers have a healthy, ultrasonic, and comfortable sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

Benefits of memory mattresses

 Memory foam, unlike its peers, has many benefits.

  • Take any shape of the body. Therefore, they are also suitable for people with more weight.
  • Excellent orthopedic effect. Due to this, the load on the joints and spine is minimal.
  • The material used in filling has a powerful antimicrobial effect.
  • Hypoallergenic when using one filler.
  • A long service life. On average, that’s eight years.
  • Such a mattress is hot to sleep even in the cold winter.
  • Ideal for sharing sleep. It does not transmit vibrations so that the other person will not feel the movements of the first body.

Fabrics for the protective lid on the mattress – cashmere, velvet, and jacquard

The most important criterion to choose from is density, where the price depends. Density indicates the ratio of mass to volume (kg / cm3). The value of the minimum density is 30 kg / cm3, high – 90 kg / cm3. The range of operation depends directly on this metric. Products with low density will last about five years, from a high to 10 years.

When buying cool gel memory foam mattresses online singapore, it is essential to pay attention to comfort. So, feel free to lie on it, try your favorite location to figure out which mattress is right for you. Take your time with a choice – compare prices and quality because the right mattress is a guarantee of healthy sleep.

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