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Choosing The Right Automotive Cable Manufacturer

It’s a big decision to decide what cable manufacturer you should trust. When buying your own or leasing a new car, choosing the proper cable manufacturer can make all the difference in the world. Here, we have compiled a list of just some of the top auto manufacturer’s cables so that you can have peace of mind when deciding which one is right for you and your vehicle. At Roadway Cable, we are proud to have all these automotive cable suppliers‘ on the product list. They are the top cable manufacturers in the industry today.

We began listing many of their cables and accessories on our website to allow you to explore some of your options. Making the decision is easy, but it is tricky to understand the difference between various manufacturers and how they may affect this decision.

Bosch has been manufacturing high-quality electronic components for over 100 years, so it’s no surprise they make many of their parts. Over time, they have expanded into producing some universal products as well. They specialize in the development of various electrical components for the automotive industry.

automotive cable suppliers

They specialize in wiring systems, antennas, sensors, and many other products, which all work together to form what you would call a control unit. They also make some very affordable cars and offer good warranties on them as well. Bosch has been one of the best manufacturers of car cabling components for many years now and continues to impress people every year. Most of their products are made in America, and they handle more than 20% of all new car production alone.

Cables Unlimited is one of the most common cable manufacturers today. They provide a very high level of quality for the professional or DIY mechanic and deliver a wide range of products for both commercial and private use. Their vast product line-up contains hundreds of items and is still expanding.

Cables Unlimited is made up of several brands designed to satisfy the needs of their customers by producing the products they want, when they want them, in the quantities they need. They are committed to delivering top-quality products at an affordable price with excellent customer service. Cables Unlimited has earned its reputation as one of the leaders in manufacturing auto parts, electrical components, and accessories at an everyday low price.

Breaker Master is a manufacturer of automotive, truck, and motorcycle cables. They are a company that produces electrical accessories designed to be used in the automotive department. Their products include various switches, relays, and fuseholders. Breaker Master has also earned a reputation for innovating in automotive lighting by developing many vehicles’ motors, controls, and wiring harnesses. They continue to expand their product line-up by offering high-quality, affordable products with excellent customer service.


The automotive cable is the main link connecting all your car parts. They are of great importance to the overall performance of your vehicle. These cables are subjected to extremely rough weather conditions, abrasion, and extreme vibrations while moving around as part of your everyday routine.

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