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All About Virtual Receptionist Services


The virtual receptionist services are state of the art. A far cry from the voicemail services of yesterday, virtual receptionists use advanced software and human intelligence to greet your callers, deliver them directly to you, or receive messages – every time. Everything you want from an onsite receptionist at a fraction of the price. Technology businesses such as software developers, computer consultants, and computer repair technicians can significantly benefit from using a friendly and professional remote front desk service.

Ways that virtual receptionist services are helpful:

  • Impress potential customers:

If you are just another tech startup, attracting potential customers and making a great first impression is a must; otherwise, your next big customer may belong to someone else. Your autoresponder never takes a break, goes to lunch, gets sick, or goes on vacation, and it can find you to forward those critical calls to you directly. Having a vibrant, friendly, and professional person answer your phone can improve your business results.

  • Presents a unified image:

Many tech companies don’t limit local talent – using today’s advancements like video conferencing, cloud software, and mobile phones, employees can work virtually anywhere. There is no need for every employee to give customers their cell phone number; A call answering service can provide a central number and a consistent image for your business. The look is also set. Your business may seem sketchy if you’ve published your cell phone number or answered calls yourself. A friendly and professional remote receptionist answering your phone can build customer trust. The last thing you want is for your tech-savvy company’s phone system to look like an afterthought.

  • Keep callers happy while you’re away:

If you receive service calls frequently or are working on a complex project and don’t want to leave to answer the phone, a virtual front desk service can help. The virtual front desk agent can forward calls to your cell phone, or if your goal is peace, they can take the caller’s message. Many virtual front desk services can provide you with what you need.

  • Forward messages quickly and easily:

No need to dial your voicemail and browse through old messages. No need to go to the office to receive your notifications in writing. Nowadays, virtual front desk services can send you messages via email and SMS; your voicemail can even be sent.


One of the benefits of virtual receptionist services is that they can be located anywhere, and the front desk staff can be in your office miles away. Tech companies should be savvy enough to realize the benefits they can get.

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