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Edexcel IGCSE

A brief knowledge and comparison on Edexcel IGCSE

Cambridge International Examinations delivers GCSEs, A-levels, and other qualifications, whereas Edexcel is a Pearson subsidiary that offers IGCSEs and the entire range of UK qualifications. Both organizations are well-respected in the United Kingdom, and their credentials are valued equally. 15-Oct-2020

A student can select an exam board while choosing among IGCSE/International GCSE or Even subjects. Cambridge International Examinations & Pearson Edexcel in this situation.

Both tests have the same overall difficulty level, with differences in judgment about subject difficulty.

CIE, for example, has a notoriety for being easier for English and harder for arithmetic than Edexcel.

However, students believe CIE to be more complex and demanding than Edexcel because they must adhere to a higher international level than Edexcel. Because Edexcel is primarily focused on the United Kingdom, their difficulty level, course structure, and paper structure align with the UK system. Meanwhile, CIE is a self-contained company with the authority to create its test framework allowed by QCA.

edexcel igcse


There are no significant differences in the curriculum or syllabus. However, there are a few key topic variances depending on a student’s courses. For example, a more lavish material study in CIE physics is commonly left as a choice for Edexcel students.

There are significant distinctions among edexcel igcse in Mathematics. When contrasted to Edexcel Maths, CIE Mathematics is significantly more demanding. During the grading process, they frequently compensate.

Compared to Edexcel and other UK boards, CIE chemistry and physics are both quite different. The syllabus content differs; CIE students do not have options in topics, resulting in differences in the notes that students from both boards follow.

GCSEs are an internationally recognized official high school certificate that serves as a springboard to future academic study in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, a GCSE occurs in the formal examination that concludes high school education. It’s for grades 14 and up students who desire to pursue A-levels before enrolling in a UK institution.


The Sum Up

Your GCSE scores are a critical step in your academic career. They will determine the qualifications and courses you pursue next, your qualification for your desired university & course, or even your future employment chances. Many firms demand that job seekers meet their GCSE level maths and English requirements.

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